The Why and How of Porch Pick Ups

The Old Way The term PPU (Porch Pick Up) is about 10 years old. You likely have some experience with garage sales. I shopped them on Saturday mornings with my parents when I was a kid. People haul their unwanted stuff into their yard and garage, price items and let the mayhem begin. Or at … Read more

Human Superpowers: Growth Mindset and Goal Formation

Are you proactive or reactive? In this article I highlight growth mindset and proactive practices to goal formation. You will learn my process through a recent career experience. It begins with confidence in yourself to try new things. Without confidence, you remain reactive – allowing life to happen to you. Let’s dive into these two … Read more

The Why and How to Learn Data Viz

Why To grow your career, you should always be willing to learn new skills. We live in the information age and things move fast. Leaders make decisions based on data. If things don’t go as planned, you can defend your decision with data. There is an increased need for professionals to gather and visualize information. … Read more

The Pokémon Effect

The Covid year (2020) brought us many new terms; one is stimulus. Middle and lower-class America (singles earning under 75k and married couples under 150k for the stimulus payments) were given money last year. The purpose of the tax-free gift from the government was to stimulate the economy by propping up consumer spending when many … Read more

Is Your Money Working for You?

When have you “arrived” as an investor? How do you answer that question? Now that we have reached year-end, I recall the wild ride of 2020. Great January and February following a phenomenal 2019 (33% S&P return that year). And then, Covid-19. I recently saw a funny meme: 2020 year in review: “January, February, COVID-19, … Read more