How do ya like me now?

It’s been a while since I wrote a post, time to change that. I had to fire up the laptop because the market has something to say. “How do ya like me now?” In my article History Often Rhymes but Does Not Repeat? | FI Chronicles, I shared top factors leading to the -19.6% S&P 500 decline … Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness?

In this article I analyze the latest stimulus. Examining federal student loan forgiveness from different perspectives. There are strong opinions on either side of this topic, so let’s jump straight to the facts. The Facts Up to 10k per borrower of federal student loan balance is eligible for forgiveness. For those earning under 125k (single … Read more

A Tale of Two Investors

Let’s run through a scenario of two people. Both followed good investing paths. But one path has some compelling advantages over the other. In 2022 the average college graduate income is: $55,260. We will start there. Two young professionals begin their careers in similar positions at the same company after college. Big Saver Benjamin Benjamin … Read more

Stay the Course

So far 2022 has been tough for investors: S&P 500 index is down about 13% YTD US Aggregate Bond index (corporate investment grade bonds) down about 9% YTD Bitcoin down about 35% YTD EAFE index (developed international stocks) down about 12% EEM index (emerging markets stocks) down about 12% Now is the time when many … Read more

Why and How – Coast FI

What are we buying with all those retirement contributions? Today I share my motivation to increase our family’s savings rate. And an important calculation to help you stay motivated on your journey. Coast FI. My Whys I don’t know how long I have Work is hard. And stressful. There are responsibilities and requirements to my … Read more

9 Keys to Financial Independence

The goal of this post is to provide an introduction to the keys of FI. It is my hope that you use this as a launching point to dig deeper into the study of financial independence. In my experience the more you learn, your motivation will increase. And you will find the strategies that work … Read more

Inflation – Current Situation and How to Reduce Your Personal Rate

Inflation is all over the news right now, with the latest data showing a 7% year over year increase. In this article I examine the current inflation situation. How the stock market has performed during past inflation periods. And strategies to reduce your personal inflation rate. Current Situation: This chart shows the 1-year inflation rate … Read more

Why and How – Year End Review

As we close out each year we do a year-end review session. Here’s how I prepare for it. Read through our Family Financial Policy Statement To remember what financial goals and decision-making processes we have agreed on. Calculate Savings Rate Some items on the statement have specific targets. It’s a great idea to incorporate targets … Read more

Favorite FI Resources

These resources have been helpful at various stages in our financial independence journey over the last 5 years. With different personalities and media formats, there should be something here for everyone. The group below are clear voices in the FI culture. They build community, share philosophy, encourage others and challenge the status quo with sincerity … Read more