Freedom Clock – Escape the Debt Trap

Freedom. People plan for it, take chances for it and some die for it. We all start life with financial freedom. Americans receive a social security number and use it to gain employment, pay taxes (yay!), earn social security credits and borrow money. As a kid you feel financial stress if your parents have overwhelming … Read more

Buying a Home – Which Ratio is Best?

In the last article I analyzed homeownership affordability in the last decade and compared US affordability data to the rest of world. This article takes a deeper dive by examining a home purchase decision through the lens of a FIRE-seeker vs. Conventional path. Focusing on which ratio is best when determining your borrowing limit. Let’s … Read more

DIY to FI – save money and learn new skills

DIY home improvement – save money and learn new skills. We live in an amazing time. Information is at our fingertips with key supplies and tools easily delivered in a day.  We have numerous opportunities to learn new things. Sometimes we take those opportunities, sometimes we don’t. I’ve developed a philosophy over the last few … Read more

Keeping Up With the Joneses’ Tax

“Keeping up with the Joneses” – (idiom) to show that one is as good as other people by getting what they have and doing what they do. Merriam-Webster dictionary I can relate to this. In my high school years I was so focused on what other people thought of me. I remember spending my first … Read more

Entertain Yourself

3 minute read Entertainment expense varies widely by individual and family. How you spend your leisure time is a very personal decision. What are your hobbies? What interests do you have? Some considerations: Friends – What are your friend’s entertainment activities? Family – What does your immediate and extended family do for entertainment? Background/heritage – … Read more

A Pivotal Decision

4 minute read We have a heritage of higher education with all four of our parents possessing at least an undergraduate degree. That’s a bunch of expensive framed paper nailed to the wall. We all worked hard for those achievements. Those degrees represent a lot of time spent pursuing academics. This post is not intended … Read more

Planning With Your Spouse

3.5 minute read Financial problems are the number one cause of marital discord and divorce in this country. This statistic could be improved through better communication and planning. When two people aren’t on the same page, have different goals, or no goals, there will be problems. Resentment, bitterness and revenge simmer and boil over into … Read more

Debt and Stress

5 minute read Financial stress is crippling America. The federal government maintains enormous debt levels and so do its people. Many categorize debt as “good” or “bad” based on the type, rate and terms of the debt. However the debt is categorized, one thing is certain, you still have to make the payments. It’s the … Read more

Diversify Your Life

5 minute read Diversify your investments and your life. The financial independence community does a fantastic job revealing the path to financial freedom. The allure of controlling of your time intoxicates, but extreme focus on financial independence can cause neglect in other areas of life. Your health and memories require investment to flourish too. Health- … Read more