Death by a thousand cuts

2.5 minute read You may have heard the phrase, “death by a thousand cuts.” The Chinese term is Lingchi. A torture technique used in China and Vietnam; the torturer removed pieces of flesh slowly during execution while the offender was tied to a tree. The pictures are graphic and terrible. What does this have to … Read more

Disney on a Dime

The happiest place on earth. For our family this was a dream trip that was 2 years in the making. And like any great trip, the journey is often just as memorable as the destination. Why As you’ve read in other posts our family was clawing out of debt – budgeting carefully, couponing, selling things, … Read more

Foundational Expenses

Let’s examine three foundational expenses under your control. The decisions you make here have a profound impact on your financial outcome. Taxes: Likely this is your biggest annual expense. Many people don’t think too much about taxes except when they file them. Income Tax (based on 2019 tax rates): Federal income tax and state income … Read more

Attack the Recurrings

I was nudged towards the FIRE movement by a co-worker and then dove down the rabbit hole. My first content consumption was MadFientist and Mr. Money Moustache. During a work trip to Georgia the obsession began with the MMM blog and MadFientist podcast. I clearly remember walking the airport terminal listening to the podcast and … Read more