Book Review – Choose FI Your Blueprint to Financial Independence

Chris Mamula (Can I Retire Yet?), Brad Barrett (ChooseFI), and Jonathan Mendonsa (ChooseFI) wrote the book together. The primary author of the book is Chris. He quotes Brad and Jonathan throughout the book driving home different points. They use material from the Choose FI podcast hosted by Brad and Jonathan. In the intro Chris shares … Read more

Book Review: The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed and happiness by Morgan Housel

The introduction laid out the book’s premise well – personal money experiences form your opinions and actions with it. A few scenarios highlighted by the author clarified something for me. Housel detailed experiences such as those who lived during the Great Depression – losing it all in the stock market. Contrasted with those raised in … Read more

The Why of FI Chronicles

How did it begin? A co-worker nudged me into the FIRE movement and I dove down the rabbit hole, landing on MadFientist and Mr. Money Moustache. During a work trip my interest in FIRE, caught fire. I remember walking airport terminals listening to podcasts. Then reading Mr. Money Moustache blog posts for hours at my … Read more