Inflation – Current Situation and How to Reduce Your Personal Rate

Inflation is all over the news right now, with the latest data showing a 7% year over year increase. In this article I examine the current inflation situation. How the stock market has performed during past inflation periods. And strategies to reduce your personal inflation rate. Current Situation: This chart shows the 1-year inflation rate … Read more

There’s Always a Pessimist

Market analysts will always find reasons to report a bear market is coming soon. I found various articles over the 2010s pointing to an imminent downturn. Eventually, the market bears will be correct. They just weren’t in the last decade. In the 2010s, the S&P 500 generated average annual returns of over 13%. And 2020 … Read more

Why and How – Year End Review

As we close out each year we do a year-end review session. Here’s how I prepare for it. Read through our Family Financial Policy Statement To remember what financial goals and decision-making processes we have agreed on. Calculate Savings Rate Some items on the statement have specific targets. It’s a great idea to incorporate targets … Read more

Favorite FI Resources

These resources have been helpful at various stages in our financial independence journey over the last 5 years. With different personalities and media formats, there should be something here for everyone. The group below are clear voices in the FI culture. They build community, share philosophy, encourage others and challenge the status quo with sincerity … Read more

Great Digital Migration

A new migration pattern is accelerating in this country right now. One that our grandchildren will read about one day. People adapt to solve problems. The catalyst of this migration pattern was solving a major problem. How to continue working when offices closed for Covid-19? In March of 2020 the corporate office structure changed forever. … Read more

Compound Growth Series: Invest in Your Health

Financial capital is not the only important capital. This article examines another area of your life that needs attention and investment to thrive – your health. I review the current cost of healthcare and global life expectancies. And I analyze potential root causes for the United States’ declining life expectancy. I then outline a few … Read more

Freedom Clock – Escape the Debt Trap

Freedom. People plan for it, take chances for it and some die for it. We all start life with financial freedom. Americans receive a social security number and use it to gain employment, pay taxes (yay!), earn social security credits and borrow money. As a kid you feel financial stress if your parents have overwhelming … Read more